Richard Marinucci

Senior Consultant

Mr. Marinucci has worked with the fire service and emergency management for the past 27 years. He has been the Fire Chief of Farmington Hills Fire Department in Michigan for the past 20 years. During his tenure as Fire Chief, he served as Acting Chief Operating Officer of the United States Fire Administration and Senior Advisor to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He has been an adjunct instructor for Madonna College, MI and is currently an adjunct professor for Oakland Community College, MI and an adjunct faculty member of the Fire Service Staff and Command School of Eastern Michigan University.

Mr. Marinucci has been a fire service consultant, a contributing editor and advisory board member for multiple organizations including: Fire and Emergency Television Network (FETN), Fire Engineering, Michigan Municipal League and Michigan Township Association. He was a team member and co-author for the National Fire Academy Open Learning Fire Service Program and faculty member for the International Fire Chiefs Association (IAFC) conferences, California Fire Instructors Workshop, Fire Departments Instructor Conference (FDIC) and numerous regional and state conferences and workshops.

Mr. Marinucci has served as President of the IAFC Great Lakes Divsion from 1992-1993 and as President of the IAFC from 1997-1998. He received the designation of Chief Fire Officer by the Commission on Chief Fire Officer Designation in the year 2000. He remains very active and serves on several committees with the IAFC, Michigan State Chiefs Association, National Fire Protecion Association and the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition, Regional Alliance for Fire Training.

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