Venue Safety Review

Venue Security performed in advance and through the conclusion of your event. RW Management Group, Inc. has the expertise and experience to ensure your event is safe for everyone involved from participants to spectators.

RW Management Group (RW) will begin with a comprehensive threat and risk assessment of the venue and surrounding area. We will identify potential threats including common crimes (robbery, assault, etc.) fires, vandalism, natural disasters, protests, terrorism or gangs. RW will gauge the potential damages from such threats and evaluate the potential likelihood that the problems will occur. RW has the background to make recommendations to convert soft target areas to hard target areas minimizing the potential risks for your event.

RW will provide in advance our assessment of the three main risk categories (1) harm to persons; (2) damage to property; (3) loss of revenue for your event and the local jurisdiction. We also look at two other areas during our assessment (1) the increased liability to you and your event for failing to apprise and recognize threats creating negligence risk. The last area we will advise on for your event is the potential loss of reputation to your event and venue that can translate into lost revenue due to individuals’ hesitancy to attend the event because of past problems or perceived unsafe conditions.

RW has the experience to minimize your risk to any threat. In the world that we live in all elements must be considered and plans must be made to reduce problems along with a comprehensive plan to respond to any threat that actually does occur. We have the experience and professional team to help you with your next event.

RW also specializes in design and construction of sporting venues to include all of the safety and security elements needed to meet the threats of our world today. We can provide help with your design professionals or we can bring in our team to design the entire structure. RW will work with new projects or reconfigure existing facilities to meet the growing security needs and threats that exist in the world today.