RW Management Group, Inc. and Jeff Roemer will be providing Door County, WI with Emergency Services Director Interim Services for 2017. This position will provide for the management of EMS and Emergency Management for the entire County.

Member of the Better Business Bureau
RW Management Group, Inc. becomes a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. RW has earned this status by meeting BBB's high standards for business conduct. RW has been made a part of this elite group for having a proven track record of being honest, dependable and responsive.

Consolidations & Shared Services Save Tax Dollars
In the current difficult economic times, business as usual no longer is effective. Citizens are demanding municipalities and counties to reduce costs without reducing services. Shared services and consolidations is one approach that has proven to be an effective method to achieve these seemingly contradictory goals.

Many municipalities have already benefited from consolidating fire, police, dispatch, inspections and health departments. Almost any function or department can be considered for a shared service analysis. Consolidations often occur between municipalities or with surrounding counties. There are also numerous opportunities to share services with school districts, special districts and the private sector.

If you are looking for opportunities to reduce costs without sacrificing services, why not investigate the shared service approach. While difficult and challenging, the payoff can be well worth the effort.

RW Management has a team of individuals to assist you with this effort. We provide the objective independent information necessary for administrators and elected officials to make informed decisions.